Well over its original estimate of $158,685 (£120,000).

A well-kept, stock Lancia Delta Integrale should set you back no more than $50,000 (assuming you find the right seller). This particular example, though, went for a bit more than that. As part of the Silverstone Classic sale that took place on July 27, this 1990 Delta Integrale Evo went home for a whopping for a whopping $297,530 (£225,000) when the hammer dropped.

Wearing its iconic Martinini racing livery, complete with white wheels, the Lancia in question was driven by four-time World Rally champion Juha Kankkunen. Fielded by the Lancia Abarth racing team in the 1990 World Rally Championship, the car took home fifth place in the 1000 Lakes Rally, fourth place in the San Remo rally, and 10th place in the RAC Rally all in the same year.

The $297,530 (£225,000) selling price was nearly double its original estimate. Multiple phone bids and in-person bidders drove the price up well past its $158,685 (£120,000) estimate. It comes with its rally R090 transmission, IAW 90 engine electronics, and even its original Italian registration. The car has reportedly covered "little mileage" its its 27 years on and off the road.

"The car is a true rally legend and an important part of World Rally Championship history and clearly much in demand on the evening," said Nick Whale, managing director of Silverstone Auctions. "It was a dramatic highlight in a remarkably successful race car sale."

Along with the impressive sale of the Lancia, an ex-Tim Harvey BMW E30 M3 sold for a hefty $193,340 (£146,250) including premium, and a pristine BMW 320 E36 (originally built by McLaren), eventually went home for $121,955 (£92,250), well over its original $22,805 (£17,250) estimate. In total, Silverstone sold more than $7.3 million (£5.5 million) worth of vehicles in just three days of auctioning.

Source: Silverstone Auctions

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