One of these 911s looks practically stock at first glance. The other is track-ready but still works on the road.

There’s nothing new about modifying Porsche 911s into track-biased hotrods, but modern companies like Singer are turning that process into an art form. In the latest Jay Leno’s Garage, Marlon Goldberg, owner of LA Workshop 5001 and a former Singer employee, shows Jay his company’s take on a 1973 911T and a 1974 911.

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These two cars demonstrate completely different ways of modifying a classic Porsche. For the 911T, Goldberg’s crew builds a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Painted in an unassuming shade of gray and with basic steel wheels, the coupe just looks like a nice vintage car. Rather than traditional shining chrome, Goldberg uses crystallite chrome, which is a type of chrome-plated nickel. It gives even the few bright parts a frosted finish. The magic happens at the back where there’s now a 3.4-liter flat six with twin spark plugs and Motec fuel injection. The original torsion bar rear suspension now features modern coilovers. A partial roll cage is the only thing that gives this car away as a hardcore canyon carver. The mods to this 911 might make it a great tourer, but we would miss the air conditioning and a radio.

Alternatively, Goldberg built the 1974 911 that wanted a track car first but something that still worked on the road. The blue coupe has a completely stripped interior. This is the one that the guys take on the road. A composite front bumper looks stock but should shed some pounds. In the back, there’s now a 3.8-liter flat six with 339 horsepower (253 kilowatts).

Leno has a kick driving the Porsche, but we have to scold him for his behavior behind the wheel. The denim-clad comedian cuts off a few cars while passing on the freeway. We also hope that the owner isn’t too upset after seeing Leno grind the transmission during one shift.

Source: Jay Leno's Garage via YouTube

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