You're never too old to play with your food.

There are so many food-related driving puns we can go with here. We’ve already played the fast food card, so we’ll trying to avoid things like driving this Mini is a cakewalk, or this radio controlled car is sweet and just say this thing is pretty darned cool.

This Mini cake is the product of a specialty shop called Peboryon, headquartered in the far southwestern reaches of England in a town call Penzance. While we don’t have details on the powered radio control base of this creation, it appears to be a fairly standard on-road touring car with a tin molded body that can support a small-but-detailed cake.


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There is absolutely no denying the cool factor for anyone remotely interested in cars, and judging from the video the delicious Mini has some potential for speed as well. At first we were concerned about electrical bits and batteries in such proximity to something we’d eat, but it’s not as if this is actually something to be played with. Still, even just some minor laps would likely see some dust and debris on the side of the cake. The question is, does the cool factor outweigh the gross factor?

We tend to side with the cool factor, especially after scrolling through Peboryon’s website. This award-winning company has created some positively bonkers custom cakes resembling furniture, animals, landscapes, and yes, there’s even the requisite custom Star Wars creation featuring a cake Yoda using the force to levitate a wedding cake. 

Between this and the custom car cakes in Japan we talked about a few weeks ago, those of us in the States are starting to feel left out. Here’s an open call to cake connoisseurs in America – can you hook us up with something automotive and delicious?

Source: Peboryon via YouTube


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