Remember a few weeks ago when somebody caught a North Carolina state trooper speeding the wrong way down a highway? It would appear such lapses in law enforcement judgement happen in the United Kingdom as well, as this sideways incident from Gillingham in the southeast portion of England clearly shows. Be warned, there is a bit of strong language amidst the yelling.


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According to Kent Live, police were responding to an incident at approximately 3:30 a.m. outside a night club called Moo Moos in what we can only guess is the less-than-stellar part of town. Police are already on-scene as the video starts, but it seems the pair of officers have their hands full with rowdy townies that presumably had already traded blows in a round of fisticuffs. It’s certainly understandable, then, that a second patrol car would want to make a hasty arrival before things really got out of hand.

Whether the car simply caught some slippery pavement or the driver was aiming for a proper handbrake turn, we don’t know. What we do know is the car came in mighty hot for the size of the street and the amount of people in the area, and the driver obviously didn’t have things entirely under control. Amazingly nobody was hit, and it appears the only impact was against the curb and some railings. Of course, the arriving officers played it off like that was totally supposed to happen.


Kent Police drift


According to a statement at Kent Live, a spokesman for Kent Police said the car wasn't a Road Police Unit or officer, and that it's subject to investigation.

“We were called at 3.03 a.m. on Sunday (July 30) to Canterbury Street in Gillingham following reports of a disturbance. Patrols attended and officers called for assistance. A police patrol vehicle attending the incident skidded on the wet road whilst it was coming to a halt and it was involved in a minor collision with some railings.”

Whether the skid was intentional or accidental, we hope the officer behind the wheel is at least given a proper common-sense reality check here. If there’s anything good to come from this, it would seem the dramatic entrance at least served to help diffuse the situation.

Source: Kent Live, Reddit



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