Even though it was revealed more than a week ago, the E-Class All-Terrain 4x4² still looks like a very cool render made by a Mercedes enthusiast with solid Photoshop skills. But the rugged wagon is a real as it gets and we have to thank E-Class development engineer Jürgen Eberle for making it happen. The SUV antidote as we like to call it actually has a shot in life as a small production batch is seriously being considered within the company.

The reveal was made by Eberle in an interview with Australian magazine Motoring about his impressive pet project. Mercedes’ skilled engineer went on to mention he has a patent for combining a portal axle with a multi-link axle as the All-Terrain 4x4² continues to have the E-Class Estate’s multi-link suspension, but with the wheel tracks and massive ground clearance you see in a G-Class.

The complex transformation process wasn’t a one-man job as Eberle was helped by some of its colleagues and actually received funds from the management team to make it all happen. About 24 people from all of Mercedes’ departments joined forces to create the E-Class All-Terrain 4x4². Eberle revealed during the same interview it’s technically possible to put the off-road wagon into production following what have been very positive reactions of company representatives from several countries.  

All that’s left to do is to convince Eberle’s boss to give his stamp of approval. The man behind the unique vehicle featuring some serious off-road credentials is confident the specialty model will be green-lighted for production. Needless to say, it would turn out to be significantly more affordable than the trio of hardcore G-Wagens introduced in recent times: G63 6x6, G500 4x4², and the G650 Landaulet.

With a ground clearance of almost 200 millimeters (7.8 inches), extremely wide tracks, and G-Class hardware, the E-Class All-Terrain 4x4² would be one rugged wagon to rule them all.

Source: Motoring

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