Audi sales and profits are at record levels as Ingolstadt marches towards the top of the premium automakers' list. Employees are getting highest profit-share too in May.

The ultimate Audi goal of removing BMW atop the list of premium car manufacturers by 2015 seems to be coming along nicely as the Ingolstadt company has not put a foot wrong in its relentless march yet. Models like the Q7, TT range, A5 and R8 contributed significantly to the high returns the company achieved. Subsidiary Lamborghini was also instrumental after the brand grew by 15 percent in 2007, posting sales of 2,406 units globally.

Audi made a profit of €1,692 billion after tax last year, up 26 percent year on year. This came on the back of sales covering 964,151 units worldwide where Germans were leading buyers with 257,792 sales for the year. China followed with 101, 996 cars sold. In order for the happiness to spread like flu at a call centre, Audi put out a profit-share averaging about €5,300 per employee to be distributed in May this year. This is the twelfth consecutive year that Audi has completed record sales and its most successful so far.

Audi: Most successful fiscal year of all time