The car won't ever be sold as it's bound to become a museum piece.

Porsche is giving a big thanks to the people of Stuttgart where the one-millionth 911 was born by allowing 11 people to get behind the wheel of the milestone car. Well, 12 if we’re taking into account Stefanie is pregnant. Rather than getting in touch with a movie star or some other celebrity in a bid to generate more exposure, Porsche decided to ask normal people like you and me to drive the #1,000,000 car on the streets of Stuttgart.

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In continuous production since 1963, the 911 remains Porsche’s most important model in the range even though the Macan and Cayenne SUVs are now the company’s cash cows. Built in Zuffenhausen like all 911s, the special Carrera S takes after its 54-year-old ancestor and will embark on a world tour covering everything from the United States and the Nürburgring to the Scottish Highlands and China. After that, the one-millionth Nine Eleven will rest at the Porsche Museum and it won’t ever be sold to a customer.

The current 991 generation will likely be replaced towards the end of next year or early 2019 by the new 992. Meanwhile, Porsche has yet to reveal the updated GT3 RS set to follow other recent derivatives like the range-topping GT2 RS and the limited-run Turbo S Exclusive Series.

A plug-in hybrid version was in development for the 992 series, but the engineers decided to pull the plug last year because there were more disadvantages than advantages as the extra weight would’ve affected handling and performance. There were also concerns about the car’s price tag turning out to be too high and also whether there would have been a market big enough to justify the efforts.

While the 911 won’t be electrified in the near future, Porsche is spending one billion euros and creating more than 1,200 jobs to launch a production version of the Mission E. The zero-emissions sedan will go on sale at the end of the decade.

Source: Porsche

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