$34,755 (including $875 destination) will buy you a shiny new Honda Civic Type R, which for the 2017 model year is available in a single trim level. Should you happen to be in New Jersey these days, there’s one hiding behind velvet ropes at a Honda dealer, according to a Reddit user. That’s not exactly what you would call newsworthy, but wait until you hear the car’s asking price: $47,463. How is it possible to jack up the price by a massive $13K? By including a ton of dealer add-ons a hot hatch fan could easily live without and then overcharging for them.

Checking all of those prices one by one, we can’t help but notice the first aid kit costs $60 while on Honda’s U.S. website it costs just $30. It’s a similar story with the $250 wheel locks, listed on the official Civic Type R configurator for only $87. Moving on, the $275 cargo net is actually $49 on the website, while the $298 all-season mats - high wall are priced at $155.




We could go on forever: $375 trunk tray ($114), $630 interior illumination ($125), $630 car cover ($230), $650 console illumination ($250), and $795 door sill trim illumination ($290). The prices in brackets are the ones listed on Honda’s site.

On top of these, there’s also the $1,995 GuidePoint vehicle recovery system, the $3,350 Platinum Protection Plus package, and the 5-year / 60,000-mile extended service contract. It all adds up to the exorbitant price tag we mentioned earlier. The same Redditor asked the Honda dealer whether he could get the car without the numerous extras, only to be told that’s not possible.

$47,463 is a lot of money to pay for a Civic Type R, but someone actually forked out a whopping $200,000 to claim the first U.S.-spec car. It was all for a good cause as the proceeds from the sale were directed towards the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

We understand the dealer has to make a living and the new Civic Type R is a hot product, but still...

Note: The Civic Type R pictured above is only for illustrative purposes. Does not show the car referred to in the article.

Source: Reddit

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