The VW L1 Concept car of 2002 is coming back to life for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The update seems to take advantage of newer technologies to help achieve that magical 1L/100km average fuel consumption figure.

Volkswagen's 1-litre car the L1 Concept has been updated for the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. New pictures presented to the German media over the weekend show a different-looking car. Originally unveiled back in 2002 the idea was to use all the technical possibilities the company had to build a car that could conceivably use no more than one litre of fuel per 100km traveled. Such a thing has never been done before with fossil fuel-powered cars.

The update apparently uses a two-cylinder diesel engine worth 22kW (29hp) and mated to the new 7-speed DSG transmission. The car apparently weighs about 380kg (838 lbs) and can achieve an unbelievable 1.2 litres per 100km (189.6mpg) on average.

Apart from the engine other ways utilised to make these figures happen include using extremely light but exotic materials like the plastic bodywork, the monoblock engine construction and the titanium exhaust system. The fuel pump housing of the original was made of magnesium.

The L1 is not particularly large as it measures around 1.25 metres in width, enough for the two passengers to sit in tandem. The new concept also picks up on VW's latest styling cues like the slimmer front grille and it has covered rear wheels.

Wait for it to be officially unveiled in less than a day.

[UPDATE] Detailed press release and 3 new hi-res photos added to article.


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