Australia may keep F1 after all. The city of Sydney says it is ready to step up to the plate should F1 decide to cut all ties with Melbourne as per Herr Ecclestone's continuing claims. Sydney would bow down to demands of a night race.

Australia could still be in the running to host a Formula One Grand Prix, despite what the sport’s supreme leader Bernie Ecclestone has pronounced recently. The premier of New South Wales Mr Morris Iemma says Sydney, his state’s largest city, could host F1 races with a little modification. At night, as per Ecclestone requirements. Sydney’s Eastern Creek race track currently hosts A1 GP races.

"It's not a blank cheque,” Iemma is said to have told the Herald Sun of Melbourne, “but it could be held at a place like Eastern Creek, obviously with modifications…
"If Formula One is looking for a night race then Eastern Creek could be converted to suit them".

There are sceptics as always, one such man is Tim Holding, the Melbourne-living events minister. "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting," he said. "They have to secure some events and people will take them seriously after that."

The question remains though, if Sydney could bring back the Australian crowds whose first love is super V8 saloon racing, to Formula One.

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