Now you're not just stuck with Google Maps.

While most Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users are forced to settle with either Apple Maps or Google Maps, the much-loved alternative Waze has come up with a solution for the latter. Users can now access the Waze app on Android Auto, allowing drivers to use their preferred maps app on their vehicle’s infotainment screen.

According to Engadget, the Android Auto version of Waze is "less cluttered" than the standard smartphone version. Part of that sleek overhaul can be contributed in part to regulation from automakers pushing for simplified interfaces. Features like the ability to share traffic information, police presence, and crashes remains, all with the luxury not having to deal with ads.

Waze Android Auto
Waze Android Auto

Waze for Android Auto can also be controlled using the voice command "OK, Google," to input addresses and destinations. Users also receive visual and audio alerts while on the road, and larger map views allow for clarity of features like alters, hazers, and more. Features like carpooling, beeping at other Waze users, gas prices, and map chat, though, are gone.

For now, Waze will be available only to Android Auto users, with no scheduled release for Apple CarPlay. Apple still limits the use of third-party apps on its in-car system. If Apple CarPlay is your in-car system of choice, though, Alpine recently launched the first touchscreen system that connects to CarPlay wirelessly. The Apline system debuted at CES and won an Innovations Award for outstanding design and engineering. Hopefully that sleek new system eases the pain of having to use Apple Maps.

Source: Waze, Engadget

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