What would you pay for a virtually new 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX? $50,000? $60,000? Try again. Earlier in the month we reported on an Evo IX up for sale on eBay that had driven just nine miles. At the time, the bid was well over $100,000. Yesterday, the car sold for a whopping $137,954.

The Evo was sold on eBay by South Coast Mitsubishi in Costa Mesa, California. That six-figure price tag is a pretty hefty markup, considering the Evo IX MR when new went for just $37,000. That price is even more than the last Evo built, which sold at auction for $76,400 last September. More than 80 hopeful buyers bid on the car throughout the length of the auction. 

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So why the massive price tag? Apart from being virtually brand new, the Mitsubishi IX is what some consider to be the last true Evo. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine capable of pumping out 286 horsepower (213 kilowatts) and 289 pounds feet (391 Newton-meters) of torque. It comes paired to a six-speed manual transmission. This model in particular came loaded with features like A/C, power locks, power windows, and even an existing warranty.

For those of you not looking to dish out six figures for an Evo IX, there are a number of examples on the used market that can be had for around $20,000. The limited run Lancer Evo X Final Edition can be had for a bit more with an asking price of $37,995.

Sadly, the Mitsubishi Evo is gone for good. The company has no plans of reviving the sports sedan in it current form, instead it will continue to push crossovers and SUVs. Rumors circulating suggest that the Evo name could be revived in the form of a sporty crossover.

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