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It seems like a normal day on the highways of America until someone comes along and does something stupid. In this instance, the offender appears to be a lady who was allegedly changing her shirt while barreling down the road in her Toyota Corolla. Sadly, the video does not capture the actual fashion faux pas, but it does show the consequences.


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The clip comes from YouTuber and trucker Ken Conley, and was just posted a couple days ago. Aside from the actual footage, all of our information comes from the video description, which says the crash happened on the I-270 off ramp for I-44 in Missouri, which places the incident in St. Louis. As previously mentioned, we also rely on the description to tell us the cause of the crash, which was also belted out quite loudly by truck driver in this video. It appears there were no injuries, and damage seems to have been relegated to the Toyota.

If the claims that the girl was actually changing a shirt are true, all we can say is what was she thinking? Big city interchanges at major highway crossings are complex enough without the added gymnastics of donning clothes in tight quarters. And though traffic wasn’t stop-and-go, it was heavy enough to cause the semi driver to nearly miss his exit. We’re all guilty at some point of not being entirely focused on driving behind the wheel, but we can’t think of a worse place than this to suddenly decide driving isn’t the number one priority. Kudos, by the way, to Conley for getting the rig stopped quickly and safely. But was the horn really necessary?

Right now in America, everyone is focused on the dangers of cell phones and texting while driving, but they are just the latest symptoms of a problem that’s as old as the automobile itself. Distracted driving – whether it’s attempting to send a text message on a phone, fiddling with the radio, eating a burger, or messing with clothes, is flat-out dangerous. The moral of the story here is simple: when you’re behind the wheel, drive the damn car.

Source: Ken Conley via YouTube, Reddit

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