Inspired on famous Ferrari models, this 2-seater fastback coupe will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 running on biofuel. When will it reach the production lines? It is up to you.

Imagine that you are a Transportation Design student and, one day, you create a project that calls so much attention an Italian coachbuilder decides to look for you in order to put your dream machine into the production lines. Many may call it a drunken virgin dream in a full moon’s night, but this is exactly what has happened to Emre Husmen, who studies at IED, a place that is famous for its nice creations. The most recent one we have spoken about, for example, is the Maserati Chicane. As for Husmen’s, it will be named 699 GTO when (and if) it reaches the streets.

“We decided to do some market research about it before starting engineering and design refinement works. Probably, the 699 GTO model name and any other design aspects (rear lights) that look like Ferrari's will also change and there will be huge refinements on overall design, if it gets green light for production”, Husmen told World Car Fans in an e-mail that must be exactly the same one our friends at AutoBlog must have received, but we can’t blame the designer. It must be boring to write the same things over and over again.

The initial name for the car, as you may have already realised, is due to the cars Husmen has as his inspiration sources. “The car is inspired from classic Ferrari, including the 250 GTO, 250 TR, 330 TRI-LM, P4, 599 Fiorano and Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. When I started sketching on my design board, I wanted to design a 2-seater fastback coupe that could feature classics' beauty and currents' technology.”

Technical specifications are pretty much defined. “Platform and dimensions are similar to 599’s, but the car will be at least 200 kg lighter thanks to its 2-seater carbon fiber monocoque body and the twin-supercharged V8 engine (around 699 cv) that runs on biofuel. It will also have hydraulic lifting system and a rear view camera (behind the antenna).”

And what do Husmen and the Italian coachbuilder expect to consider as a “green light”? Simple. “We just need to see people's reactions/comments for now.” You have heard him, guys: please start commenting on the car below.

Even before we have asked, Husmen has already declined to say who is this “Italian coachbuilder” he mentions. “The name of the coachbuilder is not important at this point.” Anyway, we won’t have to wait for long to know who will “give birth” to the 699 GTO. “We will launch the 699 GTO's official website in a couple months and mention all the technical specs and price then”, informs Husmen. And he completes. “First running concept (with new sets of wheel designs) is expected to be completed by 2009.” That depends on public’s reactions. In other words, if you like it or not.

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