The most practical Porsche of them all is coming to life at the upgraded Leipzig plant.

Having made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, the first-ever Panamera Sport Turismo is now in production and en route to its rightful owners from all over the world. To get the Leipzig facility ready for the second-generation Panamera family, Porsche had to invest a massive €500 million ($582M) and part of the funds were directed towards building a brand new quality center.

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Besides assembling the Panameras, Porsche’s 400-ha factory is also responsible for putting together the Macan and Cayenne SUVs. Last year, a total of 158,432 of cars were produced at the factory in Leipzig where 4,055 people are currently employed. It has been operational since August 2002 and so far €1.3 billion ($1.5M) have been invested.

Here are some interesting facts about the facility:

  • 1.7 million parts are built each and every single day;
  • There are 948 robots in the body shop, paint shop, and in the assembly facility;
  • It boasts a 3.7-km race track and a 6-km off-road track;
  • 40,000 people visit the customer center annually;
  • The production area covers 345,345 square meters;
  • A wood chip burning system provides the paint shop with 80% CO2-neutral heat;
  • 75 aurochs, 1.5 million bees, and 27 wild horses live in the area.

Much like its name, the list of available versions of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is quite long. We’ve counted six different models on the German configurator where no less than 17 variants are available if you take into consideration the regular Panamera hatchback as well.

Regardless of body style, the Turbo S E-Hybrid serves as the range topper and will lend its electrified 671-hp powertrain to the next-generation Cayenne slated to debut most likely in the months to come. It could also find its way inside the Audi S8 E-Tron expected to arrive in 2019 to replace the S8.

Source: Porsche

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