Koenigsegg introduces the Trevita, a diamond-coated carbon-covered car based on the stupendous CCXR. It is said to sparkle like millions of diamonds when the sun shines on it. Only three units will be made.

Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar maker and future SAAB owner manufactures the CCXR, one of the most exclusive and expensive cars in the world. It has a biofuel-capable engine that produces 749kW (1,018hp) and peak torque of 1,060Nm when it's running on the cleaner stuff. Not many people have these cars.

The CCXR shown here is called a Trevita which is an abbreviation in Swedish that translates into "three whites". Only three examples will be produced. But what makes it so special?

Basically the new and unique method with which its skin is made is sensationally special. Developed in-house by the Koenigsegg engineers the material is carbon fibre whose fibres have been coated with a diamond finish. It makes the car sparkle like millions of silvery white diamonds when the sun shines on it. Koenigsegg calls it the Koenigsegg Shimmering Diamond Weave.

The trio will be fitted with an infotainment system, a chrono instrument cluster and paddle-shifts. The exterior features a double carbon fibre wing and carbon ceramic brakes with ABS. A hydraulic lifting system ensures some everyday usability.