Your dog can open the fridge to fetch a beer? That’s cute.

Friends, say hello to the French Bulldog that is winning the hearts of racing enthusiasts, car fans, dog lovers, and pretty much the entire internet right now. We don’t know much at all about this dog; we’ll assume it’s a boy since one of the many hashtags in the YouTube video description specifically references he. We’ll also assume his name is Frenchie, which is neither an original nor particularly manly name for a boy Bulldog. But none of this matters, because Frenchie has serious talent.


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The video comes from Abby Russell, a relatively new YouTuber with approximately six months and exactly 13 videos to her credit. All of them have a handful of views except this one, and you can probably guess why. The television must be constantly tuned to Formula One in that household, because this pooch is quite the impressionist when it comes to engines. The upshifts and engine speeds are cool enough, but in the beginning it sure does sound like Frenchie is even bouncing off the rev limiter. Or it could be a little bit of phlegm.

What’s that you say? Frenchie’s attempt at automotive sound effects is nothing like F1? Before you go too far down that road (pun absolutely intended) take a look at this hilariously awesome Frenchie / F1 mashup someone posted on Live Leak. Awesome stuff, this.




With the internet, we have a near limitless resource literally at our fingertips for accessing information that can better ourselves, our communities, and indeed, the entire world. What do we do with it? Post cute pet videos of course. And you know what? That’s absolutely what this world needs right now.

Source: Abby Russell via YouTube, Live Leak

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