This collection also includes a Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, and Enzo.

If a person buys one of the 200 examples of the LaFerrari Aperta, he or she might as well be like this owner by parking the open-roof hypercar in a garage that’s nicer than the vast majority of homes. Auto detailer Esoteric recently went inside to put a gorgeous shine on this limited-edition Ferrari.

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The owner wanted to create a place that would showcase these rare cars as works of art, and the person definitely succeeded. The garage, if you can even call it that, covers 8,500 square feet (790 square meters) across four floors. There’s a lounge, and the mezzanine lets the owner look down on this fabulous collection. There’s also a lift for maintaining the vehicles and a crow’s nest with a hidden access area. The custom woodwork includes 100 sculptures that depict the history of transportation.

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As a nod to the owner’s love of the Prancing Horse, the Cavallino with a prominent space on a wall is formerly from Ferrari’s factory gates. When not listening to the vehicles’ engines, the whole building features a custom stereo.

Esoteric stops into this breathtaking garage twice a year to maintain the collection that includes a hardtop LaFerrari, 288 GTO, F40, and an Enzo. The firm prides itself in making these rare vehicles look even better than upon leaving the factory. Judging my the work here, the company definitely achieves that goal. By the end of the clip, the LaFerrari Aperta shines so brightly that the car almost appears to be computer generated.

There’s something bittersweet about seeing these rare cars in such pristine condition. While treating them as pieces of sculpture makes sense in a certain way, there would be something beautiful about seeing the hypercars with rock chips and dead bugs on the bumper from frequent use on the road.

Source: Esoteric

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