A new promotional video featuring several Spyker vehicles at a special track day event in Utah was sent in to WCF. We have the video and write-up inside.

Special thanks to video producer Craig Lieberman for pointing our attention to this 4m 30s video for Spyker.  Lieberman worked with the Dutch car manufacturer on a promotional video for the Spyker CEO Experience.

Although the video is titled, "Spykers, the new Exotic Car," Spyker is hardly a new brand.  Although the company's 100-year heritage is in airplanes, Spyker has been producing their automobiles since 2000.

Footage was shot at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, with drivers racing around in the C8 Aileron, C8 Laviolette, and the C8 Spyder.  Behind the wheel is CEO Victor Muller and several of his special guests.  After some initial classroom work, and some slow speed exercises, guests got a chance to see what the cars were capable of doing.

It seems as though the cars were never pushed to their limits, with many guests not even wearing helmets despite often using a convertible.  Still, this makes for a nice bit of eye candy, and Lieberman and his team did a solid job editing the footage they captured.

You can check out more of Lieberman's videos at Vimeo.