This is the One Twenty-Four, Lotus' latest endurance racecar. Based on the Evora, only much lighter, the car will take to the track during the 2010 season.

Meet the Lotus Evora Type 124 Endurance Racecar, a FIA-spec version of the Evora built for long-distance race events.  The One Twenty-Four will make its race debut in Germany at the ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hours.

The mid-engined racer uses a Toyota V6 that produces just under 400 horsepower, depending on the regulations of each specific race.  The engine will be paired to a sequential six-speed racing gearbox with paddle shifters mounted to the steering wheel.  To reign in that power, a set of six-piston calliper brakes from AP Racing was installed with an ABS from Bosch.

Meanwhile, vehicle weight has been reduced to under 1200 kg/2646 lbs (also pending race rules), which means about 200 kilos (441 lbs) was stripped from the already-light Evora road car.  Lotus race engineers installed an aluminum wishbone suspension, and also used aluminum for the chassis.  They used carbon fiber body panels to further reduce weight.  Lightweight, 18-inch rims are clad with slick tyres from Pirelli that are wider at the back.

"Every Lotus car is designed to be at home on the race track as well as the road, and the Evora is no different," said Lotus Vehicle Engineering Director Roger Becker.

We will find out just how "at home" the Evora Type 124 is on the track when it takes to the 'Ring next May.