The monster sedan pushes out an unbelievable 1,090 hp.

While on the outside it looks pretty much like all previous-generation Mercedes E63 AMGs in the hotter S specification, the party piece of Posaidon’s tuning project is hiding underneath the hood. The biturbo 5.5-liter V8 engine no longer churns 585 hp as the German aftermarket specialists have worked their magic to squeeze a four-digit number: 1,090.

See the latest E63:

It goes without saying this was achieved by making some substantial hardware changes, such as bumping the engine’s displacement to 6.5 liters and upgrading the pair of turbochargers by increasing the boost pressure while installing a higher-capacity intercooler. The E63 S Sedan also got a stainless steel sports exhaust system to make the V8 better sing its song. An ECU remap was necessary as well to complement the beefed-up internals.

Speaking of which, the seven-speed automatic transmission was also thoroughly tweaked to cope with the extra torque the biturbo engine now churns. Posaidon says the heavily modified Mercedes now develops a whopping 1,350 Newton-meters (996 pound-feet) and they actually had to electronically limit the torque to ensure reliability. Who knows what the 6.5-liter engine is capable of without any restrictions to get in the way. Even with the limiter installed, the V8 still has a remarkable 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) more than the stock engine.

Beyond the overhauled engine, Posaidon also fiddled with the suspension, installed different original AMG wheels, and modified the speedometer to reach 380 kph (instead of the usual 320 kph) to reflect the E63 S’ newly gained muscle. Details about performance have not been disclosed, but it’s easy to assume it’s both quicker and faster than a standard previous-gen E63 S. The old top dog in the E-Class family needed 3.6 seconds until 62 mph (100 kph) and had an electronically governed velocity of 186 mph (300 kph).

For those willing to settle for less than these staggering and Bugatti Veyron-beating output numbers, Posaidon has 850- and 920-hp power kits as well.

Source: Posaidon

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