33 test jumps later, the James Bond-style stunt at the E-Pace's launch event was a complete success.

With crossovers of all shapes and sizes gaining traction with each passing year, it’s easy to understand why the E-Pace is such an important model for Jaguar. To make sure it would get a lot of attention at its world premiere, the British automaker owned by Tata Motors decided to pull out all the stops and introduce the premium compact crossover in great style.

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Half a year in the making for just one and a half seconds of action. Indeed, Jaguar conducted no less than 33 test jumps over the course of six months to make sure the public attempt at the E-Pace’s London reveal event would be a complete success.

Here is the barrel roll attempt by the numbers: 756 hours of engineering simulation time, 160-meter run-up required to gain speed, 42 mph take-off speed, 270-degree rotation, 1.5-seconds air time, 5.5G forces, and a margin for error of just 10 mm for the 15.3-meter-long barrel roll stunt. There was virtually no room for any mistakes, so a lot of work was put into making sure the 007-style jump would go exactly as planned and set a new Guinness World Record for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle.

Professional stunt driver Terry Grant was behind the wheel of the E-Pace, which had to go through “minor safety modifications” like the fitment of a bespoke roll cage.

The crossover’s splashy introduction follows the equally spectacular debut of its bigger brother, the F-Pace. In 2015, the very same Terry Grant managed to perform a record-breaking 360-degree, 19.08-meter loop:

Seeing as how Jaguar has developed a habit of introducing its crossovers with much fanfare, we can’t help but wonder what it has in store for the forthcoming electric I-Pace. We won’t have to wait much longer as the zero-emissions CUV is likely destined to show up in production metal either in September in Frankfurt or early December in Los Angeles.

Source: Jaguar

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