Volvo's first foray into the small premium SUV segment will be out later this year.

Volvo unveiled the all-new XC60 only several months ago and now it’s already gearing up to expands its SUV portfolio to three members. The Geely-owned marque says the first-ever XC40 will be “revealed shortly” and until then we should probably brace ourselves for plenty of teasers. The first of the bunch is all about the countless customization options buyers will be able to choose from when placing an order for the posh compact SUV.

Latest tease:

Customers will get to pick from a multitude of exterior colors with a solid, monochromatic theme or a two-tone finish with striking hues to make the eyes pop. As for the interior, it’s going to provide a “truly youthful and premium feel” and will be available in a new warm Lava Orange shade as well as with an Oxide Red upholstery. To spice things up, Volvo will sell the XC40 with an extended array of trims and materials taking influence from urban architecture and even cartography.

Whether it’s the Momentum trim with its “fashion-oriented” style or the R-Design and Inscription trims providing a “dynamic and premium feel,” the new XC40 will have something for everyone.

Volvo XC40 Render OmniAuto

has not released any new technical specifications, but we already know the XC40 will be the company’s first model to ride on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). The engine lineup will consist of only three- and four-cylinder units, topped by a Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Previewed by the 40.1 concept, the XC40 might not remain Volvo’s smallest SUV forever as the Swedes are already talking about downsizing even further to release an XC20. That being said, the company has bigger fish to fry right now, so even if green-lighted, the pint-sized model is unlikely to come out before 2020 seeing as how first it needs to rejuvenate several other existing nameplates.

Source: Volvo

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