This is the toy we've been looking for.

Where do we even begin with how cool this is? Anyone remotely into Star Wars should be flipping their lids over the idea of having a mini Landspeeder, never mind those of us old enough to remember the original trilogy in theaters (okay, maybe just Return of the Jedi, but that still counts.) How cool would we have been back in the day with this thing? Forget that, how cool would we be with it right freaking now?

Radio Flyer Star Wars Landspeeder

This little piece of awesome comes from Radio Flyer – yes that Radio Flyer who probably built the little red wagon you had when you were kid sized. Don’t worry, the company still has the classic wagon we know and love, but obviously the designers have gotten a bit more ambitious over the years. Aside from looking the part, this Landspeeder can scoot along at five miles per hour thanks to a battery-powered undercarriage. The battery also powers an interactive dashboard that driver or passenger can operate, which belts out all the cool movie sound effects that us poor adults had to make ourselves when we were mere padawans. Kids have it so easy these days.

A steering yoke is correctly positioned on the right side, and controls are easy-to-use for children over the recommended age of four. A weight limit of 130 pounds should easily accommodate a pair of young adventurers, though we suspect more than a few larger “kids” will climb in for a go.

Radio Flyer just announced this Landspeeder, which will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us for $500. We don’t know what the exchange rate is for Republic credits, but that doesn’t sound like an extremely unreasonable price. Considering most of us at some point have either spent that much on a video game system or bits of bent tubing to make our cars louder, it seems a worthy investment.


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The Radio Flyer Landspeeder will be available starting in September, and we suspect this will be one item kids really don’t have to beg their parents for. For that fact, there are probably more than a few kid-less adults already on the pre-order list.

Source: Radio Flyer

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