New details have been released on the Lexus Lf-Ch Concept, along with a host of photos. The hybrid will premiere next week in Frankfurt.

Lexus has released more information about their upcoming technological and design study set for a Frankfurt debut.  Using language that makes it sound like the automaker has long-term production goals for the car, they say the Lexus LF-Ch Concept is a full hybrid with potential for the "European premium compact segment."

Engineers designed the five-door as part of their ongoing design method, L-finesse.  As part of the exterior design, the car uses concealed door handles and blacked-out B-pillars to give the concept a smoother look and feel.  The design team attempted to convey a powerful look by using a steep windshield, and a new grille set into a wide bumper.  The wide stance incorporates air intakes to keep brake temperature down.  Meanwhile, the long roofline shows just how much room is available for passengers and cargo.  Similar to a Renault Megane five-door, the roofline hangs over the rear window to create a spoiler.  At 4,300mm, the vehicle is five millimeters longer than the five-door Megane, but its 1,790mm width is 18 mm thinner than the Megane model.

Inside, the car uses a dash with an asymmetrical shape, and includes a new feature called "Remote Touch."  This system works like a touchpad, or even a mouse, to let the driver choose from a wide variety of data and gauges.  This eliminates "distracting instrumentation and switchgear," so the driver can focus on driving.  Aiding in this, is a wide steering wheel, paddle-shifters, and a host of ergonomic features.  Being a hybrid, the car uses Lexus' blue badging and lighting inside and out.

The type of fuel used, power figures, and economy numbers were not released.  We do know that the Lexus LF-Ch Concept will be capable of running on batteries alone, but the range is not known.  Hopefully, Lexus will release more details at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show.