Ride to prison in style.

Most police departments opt for performance and utility over luxury when it comes to choosing the ideal cruiser. Here in America, for example, the Dodge Charger, Chevy Caprice, and Ford Explorer are among the most common. But police in Sussex, U.K., have a different idea entirely when it comes to choosing the correct cruiser.

In honor of the popular Chichester Police Station’s Open Day this past Saturday, the Sussex PD (with some help from Rolls-Royce) dolled up a new Ghost Black Badge in an appropriate police livery. Complete with decals, roof lights, and even a police radio, it’s a cruiser most criminals likely wouldn’t mind being thrown in the back of.

The exterior is finished in a factory Andalusion White with a black and tan contrast leather on the interior, as well as a number of Black Badge Technical Fiber inserts throughout. The Rolls-Royce police car reportedly drew huge crowds when it was put on display this past weekend, including Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan, who was in attendance.

Along with the Ghost police car donation, Rolls-Royce also collected donations for the Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospital in Sussex, and one of the company’s previous charities of choice. But don't expect the car to be chasing around criminals in the U.K. anytime soon. The Ghost car was returned to its factory settings with lights and decals removed soon after the event.

"We were delighted to support Sussex Police at the Open Day," said Andrew Ball, Global Corporate Communications Manager for Rolls-Royce. "As a proud member of the local community, Rolls-Royce recognizes the importance of the emergency services, including the Police."

Source: Rolls-Royce

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