UPDATE July 26, 2018: Johnston accepts Mercedes' offer to upgrade his C63 with a SL63 loaner while the 2018 C63 S Coupe sits in storage awaiting Transport Canada regulation. Scroll down for the two new videos.

Recently, Jeffrey "MaximusBlack" Johnston – a popular StarCraft II player and Youtuber – recently took delivery of an amazing vehicle: a 2018 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe, which he custom-ordered a few weeks prior.

Now, however, it seems like there is a problem: he can't drive the car, and Mercedes-Benz wants it back. How did this happen?

According to Johnston, he ordered a 2017 C63 S Coupe from his local dealership, Mercedes O'regans in Halifax. He decided on some great options, like the matte grey paint, black wheels, red leather interior and carbon fiber trims, among others. A month after, he receives a message telling him that he has been upgraded to a 2018 model-year car for only $10 more.

See the facelifted model:

At the time, this seemed like great news; now, however, this is the main problem with his vehicle. It seems that the $85,800 (starting price) 2018 C63 S isn't yet regulated for the North-American market.

It appears the dealership delivered the vehicle too early in an effort to accommodate Johnston, who wanted his C63 S as soon as possible, so he could enjoy it during the summer. Though he picked it up on July 11, the troubles began just 48 hours ago.

Now, the situation is a little more complex: the Youtuber has been offered to drive a loaner SL63 for a few months until his C-Class is legal to drive on the streets – as far as we know, there is nothing physically wrong with the car; it is simply a matter of waiting for the authorities to 'legalize' the 2018 C63 S. The whole process could take a few months.

Johnston refuses to let the dealership take his car and, since he owns the C63 S outright, he is legally allowed to do so. However, he could be in trouble if he actually drives it on public roads.

Here is a video published by Jeffrey Johnston on his Youtube channel explaining the situation:

There are obviously two sides to this story, and we don't have all the information: the Youtuber has said that he plans on releasing a longer video about the whole ordeal. Right now though, all we know is that a young Mercedes-Benz enthusiast can't drive the car he worked to get, which sucks.



Cover photo: MaximusBlack via Instagram 

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