Selling limited-edition Ferraris sounds like the easiest job in the world. With the LaFerrari Aperta for example, Enrico Galliera, the Prancing Horse’s chief marketing and commercial officer, simply sent 200 keys to the Italian supercar maker’s preferred clients. They all bought the open-roof model without even seeing it, and each one reportedly sold for $3.9 million, although Ferrari never publicly put a price on the vehicle.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta at 2016 Paris Motor Show

"We have much higher demand than the availability. So what we do is identify criteria that is rewarding good customers,” Galliera told Drive. “The limited edition cars we consider a gift to our best customers."

Galliera says that the hardest part of his job is telling the world’s wealthiest auto enthusiasts that they can’t have a new Prancing Horse. “At the very beginning you receive applications from people who do not deserve, they simply have the money,” he told Drive.

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According to Galliera, selling the regular production Ferraris becomes more difficult as the brand expands into more countries. Millionaires around the world can now park a Prancing Horse in their garage, and the international competition for the firm’s limited production leads to long waiting lists. For example, a report from 2016 indicated that a customer ordering a 488 GTB, California T, and GTC4 Lusso T at that time needed to wait until 2018 for the car.

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Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has pledged to solve this problem, and Galliera echoed this sentiment to Drive. “Clients and dealers are complaining about too long waiting lists. We cannot tell a client that he has to wait three years to get the car,” he said. “We need to define what to do, and it is under discussion."

One solution might be to increase annual production volume even more after pushing out a record 8,014 vehicles in 2016. If Ferrari actually builds its rumored crossover, expect demand to go through the roof.

Source: Drive 

Gallery: 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta at Paris Motor Show

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