Lancia has teamed up with fashion brand ELLE to bring us this Ypsilon ELLE show car. It features stylish finishing and fashionable touches both inside and outside. Sales begin in the spring of 2010.

As much as some women prefer not to be treated differently from men, it cannot be denied that differences exist between the sexes. Some are obvious, some are not. Lancia recognises this and has partnered with the ELLE brand to create this Ypsilon ELLE show car. It goes on sale in the European spring of 2010.

With cars like the Ypsilon Moda Milano, Ypsilon Versus and Musa Poltrona Frau Lancia positions itself as a fashionable car brand. This attitude extends to using fashion icons like Stefano Gabbana in its advertising campaigns. ELLE is of course the fashion lifestyle brand for the modern young woman.

In linking the two, the Ypsilon ELLE has combined style and fashion in a way that very few cars have before. For instance the bodywork is finished in a unique metalluro-effect pink meant to stand out on the catwalk for the 2010 season. Chrome-plating is evident on the radiator grille, the rear bumper, handles and door mouldings. The matt-coated 16-inch wheels are coloured in the same pink as the rest of the car while the outside pillar features the mail silk-screen print which is inspired by ELLE magazine covers.

Inside details include special purple leather and Alcantara upholstery that features contrasting stitching with bright white leather piping. Even the gear lever gaiter is a matching purple.


Gallery: Lancia Ypsilon ELLE to Premiere in Fankfurt

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