If this off-the-hook video doesn’t convince you to never, ever, mess with trains or tracks, turn in your driver’s license right now.  At the very least you’ll be saving the life of an innocent car, and quite possibly your own life as well.


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This footage comes to us from a village in the Krasnodar region of southwest Russia, not far from the Black Sea. The YouTube description is in Russian, but the wonders of Google Translate tell us this incident happened on July 12, and there were no injuries despite the biblical collision. Apparently, the driver of the UAZ sport-utility vehicle decided to attempt a short cut through not just one, but a series of tracks. He quickly learned that real life is not like Grand Theft Auto and got hung up between two railway lines.

And one of them was active.

Two passengers in the UAZ were already out of harm’s way, and because we live in the age of social media, one person started recording the action. The same person then starts yelling at the driver in what we’ll assume are a string of panicked Russian expletives as he watches the train barrel down on the SUV, with the driver still behind the wheel in a futile attempt to free it from the tracks. He finally bails out just before the train positively destroys the UAZ.

We’ve all seen car-versus-train videos before, but two things blow our mind on this one. Either the driver didn’t realize just how fast the train was coming or he really loved that old off-roader, because that seconds-before-disaster escape was straight out of Hollywood. Then there’s the guy in black who nonchalantly strolls away from the track as if nothing explosive is about to happen. Are Russians always this cool under pressure, or are these guys fueled by vodka and sizable sacks?

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The train always wins. Always.

Source: YouTube

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