Maybe Audi's ad team in China need to talk with the American crew that made the company's last Super Bowl commercial.

Audi is facing controversy in China over a commercial that directly compares getting married to the process of checking out a used car. It's not a very flattering connection and could turn off female buyers.

The ad (above) opens with a couple saying their wedding vows. The groom’s mother runs up and begins inspecting the bride by pulling her nose, looking behind her ears, and inspecting her teeth. Mom eventually gives consent for this lady to marry her son. The commercial then says: “An important decision must be made carefully.” Images of the Audi Approved certified pre-owned program then appear on screen.

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It’s clear that the commercial from China is trying to be humorous, but the joke just doesn’t work. Comparing a woman to a certified used car just doesn't look good because it implies that a lady's physical flaws would be enough to break off a marriage. The ad also insinuates that a mother needs to inspect her son's bride-to-be because the man can't make that decision for himself.

According to Ad Age, social media users in China also point out the weird dichotomy between this commercial and the company’ spot during the Super Bowl, titled DaughterThe company bought the most expensive ad time in the United States to broadcast a message advocating equal pay for women. It showed a little girl competing in a soapbox derby racing against a group of boys who tried to cheat their way to victory.

Watch the Super Bowl commercial below and see how different the spot is from the one in China.

Source: Ad Age