Felipe Massa has vowed to push for changes in formula one in order to prevent a repeat of his freak accident during qualifying for July's Hungarian grand prix.

In an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper, the 28-year-old Brazilian said he will speak with F1's governing FIA and his fellow drivers about preventing head injuries like those sustained by him as well as the late F2 driver Henry Surtees.

"We need to look for improvements," said the Ferrari driver, who will not return to formula one until next season.

"I'm not saying we need to cover (the cockpit) completely. But maybe there are some other things we can do to the car to stop a wheel hitting your head.

"When I come back this is something I want to discuss with (the FIA's) Charlie Whiting, the FIA and the drivers -- because we all need to work together," Massa added.

He explained that quite apart from the extraordinary safety standards of modern single seaters, there is always the risk of head injuries due to flying debris.

"I was very touched by his (Surtees') death. And I told my wife straightaway about the accident of Henry ... 'Listen, this is what you need to be worried about. This is something you have no control over. It is not like a normal accident'.

"And then a week after that ... it happened to me," said Massa.


Massa to push for debris accident improvements