With only a few hours to go until the world premiere in Cape Town, South Africa, Mercedes has decided to drop a final teaser for its new X-Class. The posh pickup truck is being previewed in a shadowy render showing the profile of the double cab workhorse and the LED signature of its daytime running lights. We are not expecting any dramatic changes compared to the pair of concepts shown last year in Paris, other than the usual, like more conventional headlights, bigger side mirror caps, and a toned-down interior.


Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class

Mercedes has made the promise the X-Class will live up to the prestige of its big three-pointed star badge, even though underneath the skin it will be a Navara / Alaskan and will be built by Nissan and Renault. More than just a simple case of rebadging, the first-ever X-Class will bring improvements on just about all fronts compared to the two mainstream models.

It’s the interior cabin where the naked eye will spot the biggest changes as the X-Class is set to be considerably more luxurious with softer materials, better sound insulation, and likely more technology onboard in order to justify what will be a significant premium over the other two related pickup trucks.

Four-cylinder diesel engines will represent the bread and butter of the sales, but Mercedes has already announced there will be a flagship V6 diesel for those in need of more torque. In the case of the two concepts, the V6 allowed the X-Class to carry 2,430 pounds (1.1 metric tons) in its bed and tow up to 7,720 pounds (3.5 metric tons). The more expensive versions will come as standard with a 4Matic AWD system.

Check back later today to see the X-Class in all of its production glory. Sales will begin towards the end of the year in a multitude of countries, but not in the United States.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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