Before everyone grabs a tissue to wipe away the tears, there’s something we should ponder for a moment. Yes, this sure does look like a Lamborghini Countach doing an impression of a solar flare, and it’s not like Italian supercars bursting into to flame is a completely uncommon experience. This particular video shows the car fully aflame that – according to KRON TV4 in San Francisco – took place last week south of town in the suburb of Redwood City. We don’t really have any other details, save for what we see and hear on the video.




That said, there’s a pretty good chance we’re not actually witnessing the destruction of a quarter-million dollar vintage Lamborghini, but rather, a Countach replica. We happily propose this theory for a few very compelling reasons.

For starters, there seems to be quite a bit of ground clearance to this car, more than we’d expect from a stock Countach. It’s also burning with no small amount of ferocity, and while we’ve no doubt a proper exotic can thoroughly turn itself into a torch, there’s a compelling argument to be made that these flames are being fed by fiberglass. We all know how popular the Pontiac Fiero is for creating fiberglass Countach replicas, and for those who are too young or too disinterested to remember, General Motors actually had a massive recall of Pontiac Fieros back in the day because – you guessed it – they tended to catch on fire.

The smoking gun comes from person shooting the video, who actually says he thought it was a kit car. You'll need to watch the full five-minute video at KRON's website to catch it – he says it at the 1:18 mark. Apparently there's just such a car in the area that is familiar to locals.


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We aren’t happy to see anyone’s pride and joy burnt to a crisp, especially when it sets a gas station on fire in the process. Thankfully there appear to be no injuries despite the firestorm and resulting damage. Still, if we had to choose between losing a real Countach or a Fiero-based kit car, well you should certainly know the answer to that question.

Source: KRON, Jalopnik

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