The unique finish can be had for an extra $2,120 (€ 1,850).

The matt finish has been a fixture in the aftermarket community for a number of years – you've likely seen it on vehicle from a Honda to a Lamborghini. BMW was one of the first manufacturers to offer it from the factory with their Frozen M3 in 2013. Now Toyota is getting in on the matte game with the new C-HR and 86 sports car.

An exclusive option as part of the "Style Selection" equipment line, C-HR buyers in Europe can choose between four unique matte finishes. The colors include Metalstream Gray Metallic, Titanium Blue Metallic, Nova White Metallic, and Marlingrau Metallic. All of aforementioned the colors are available in two unique matte finishes, and can be had for just $2,122 (€1,850) on top of the base MSRP.

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Separate from the body, the A and C pillars, side mirrors, roof, and rear spoiler come standard with an accenting onyx black contrast lacquer. A contrasting matte finish on all of those body panels can be had for another $160 (€140). 

The 86 – GT86 in Europe – comes available in six unique matte finishes, including Coffee Brown Matte, Bold Black Matte, Metal Gray Matte, Ice Silver Matte, Frosted Blue Matte, and Mamba Green Matte. The finish on the coupe is a bit more expensive than the SUV at $2,168 (€1,890), and the rear spoiler can be finished in the same color for an extra $137 (€120).

Toyota recommends a Furious Black Metallic foil finish (for $676/€590) for the best contrast of the non-finished surfaces, which includes the door opening area, door fold, and engine compartment. The custom finish is only available to buyers in Europe at the moment, but the C-HR can be had for as little as $23,460 here in the U.S., while the more expensive Toyota 86 sports car starts at $26,255.

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High-quality matt-foils look not only good, but also protect the original lacquer. Toyota is addressing the ongoing trend towards muted color, and now offers a range of attractive, matt-finished foils for the compact crossover Toyota C-HR and its sports car GT86.

The futuristic SUV Coupé Toyota C-HR is the ideal basis for a modern matt-foiling. Exclusive for the "Style Selection" equipment line, Toyota also offers the four standard factory finishes (Metalstream gray metallic, Titanium blue metallic, Nova white perleffekt and Marlingrau metallic) in two matte finishes. For a price of 1.850 euros, the four color variants available as standard in this equipment variant are matt-finished. The A- and C-pillars, exterior mirrors as well as the roof and rear spoiler remain unfiltered, so that the shiny factory-side onyx-black contrast lacquer remains visible. Alternatively there is the possibility of the contrast lacquer finish also in matt finish (140 euros surcharge).

The Toyota GT86 is pure racing. This is accompanied by a specially cool appearance. The streamlined design of the street sportsman emphasize six new matt foils in particular. Coffee brown matt, Bold black matt, Metal gray matt, Ice silver matt, Frosted blue matt and Mamba green matt. The price is in each case 1.890 euros. All foils require the choice of a basic finish. Toyota recommends "Furious Black Metallic" (surcharge 590 Euro) for the slightest contrast between the non - folded surfaces (visible basic finish in the door opening area, the door fold, the engine compartment) and the folded outer surfaces. If the outsides of the rear spoiler are also trimmed, 120 Euro extra.