Super-hot hatch will come with a 1.4 liter turbocharged gasoline/petrol engine with 180 hp and comes dressed in Ferrari Red.

The urban stylishness of the Fiat 500 combined with the pure performance know-how of Ferrari? That just may be the proverbial match made in an Italian automotive heaven that will appeal to many, many people.

Unfortunately, there may not be enough of such a car to go around. Ferrari and Fiat's performance division Abarth have partnered for a limited edition series based on the Fiat 500 - to be called the 695 Tributo Ferrari.

But the car definitely aims to bring new meaning to the term hot hatch. For starters, the 695 will come in the traditional Ferrari color of Scuderia Red.

Performance will be boosted by means of a 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol/gasoline engine dialed up to 180 hp coupled to an F1-style 6-speed transmission with paddle-shift function. Suspension tuning will compliment the increase in power and a set of red Brembo brakes will sit behind the 17-inch alloy wheels made special for the occasion, referencing classic Ferrari design.

The interior cabin gets carbon fiber seats dressed in black leather while the steering wheel trim comes with red inserts to make for a true Ferrari color contrast of red on black.

More details such as pricing and the number of models to be produced are sure to follow when the 695 Tributo Ferrari debuts at the Frankfurt motor show next week.


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