German car tuner AK Car-Design presents new styling grille inserts and body kits for Audi and Mercedes-Benz. It's called 'the second face' and aims to help these automakers' customers differentiate between ever-similar models.

Adolf Koch has been working in the field of tuning for 30 years. He reckons that a growing number of automakers are designing cars that tend to look similar despite investing lots of money in expensive styling departments.

For Koch the front end represents the face of a motor company and for him, Audi and Mercedes-Benz cars all look too similar respectively. That is to say for example an A3 looks like an A4, which looks like an A6 and so on. Koch's company AK Car-Design aims to change this first by giving these two brands new updated front grilles and fresh overall body looks. They are calling this planned renaissance "the second face".  Installing the grille inserts is possible without making any modifications to the cars.

The new E-Class is one potential subject that goes one step further by providing a fully restyled body kit. In addition to special front grille insert options, the tuner has developed a spoiler, side skirts and a rear valance with special exhaust tailpipes.

Other candidates include most of the Audis which Koch promises to turn into unique masterpieces.



Gallery: Audi and Mercedes Styled Grille Inserts by AK Car-Design - 'The second face'