In this video, a guy stuck in the traffic sees a Sandero passing by and tries to reach it in the most unusual ways... even a shopping cart will do. Check it out.

The Dacia Sandero has just been presented to the European public, at the Geneva Motor Show, but it has been introduced to the Brazilian press in January. Soon after sales began, in February, the advertising campaign has shown what Renault expects the consumer’s to act like when they meet the Renault they did not expect: persecute the car. Whether anyone has done it or not, the car is becoming a common figure in the streets. Since the advertising video is already on internet, we thought you would like to have a look at what the car looks like in other countries, as well as check it in motion in a funny situation.

The video shows a guy that is stuck in traffic and sees Sandero passing by. After a long persecution, in which all resources are used (motorcycles, trucks and even a shopping cart), this guy finally reaches the car and starts arguing with Sandero’s owner over buying the car. The dialog, for those who do not speak Portuguese, is as follows:

- Do you want to sell it?
- What do you mean, man? Are you crazy? Have you drunk? Get out of my car.
- I have seen this car passing on the street and I came after it.
- The car is mine! I do whatever I want with it!
- No, it's not yours.
- It's mine.
- No, it's mine, now!
- Give me back my keys, get back here!

The video ends with the campaign motto: 'Sandero, the Renault you did not expect'.

Sandero prices in Brazil start from R$ 29,900, something like R$ 11,700 and counts on a 1-litre 16V engine that pumps out 76 cv with petrol and 77 cv with ethanol (all Brazilian engines for Sandero are flexible), for the entry level version, a 1.6-litre engine pumping out 92 cv (petrol)/95 cv (ethanol) and the 1.6-litre 16V, with a 107 cv/112 cv (petrol/ethanol) output.

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