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Vans, station wagons, and even sports cars – all they are now falling victim to the massive popularity of the SUV and crossover segment. Apparently, according to business information provider IHS Markit, there are no signs of slow down in the interest as loyalty numbers for this body style reached an all-time high in April.

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More than two-thirds of SUV and crossover owners who returned to the market in the first four months of 2017 purchased another new SUV or crossover, IHS Markit data reveals. The loyalty in the segment grew from 53 percent in 2012 to 66 percent in April this year, a record number. Also, the loyalty in all kinds of SUVs and crossovers is now almost 14 percentage points greater than the industry average of 53 percent.

"We collect this data and provide it to our clients once a month, but we felt that the results were so extraordinary in terms of consumer loyalty numbers for SUVs and CUVs that we wanted to publicly release it," Tom Libby, manager of IHS Markit, headquartered in London, told Automotive News.

Car bosses blame SUVs for emissions woes
Car bosses blame SUVs for emissions woes

Another noteworthy trend, once again powered by the booming SUVs and crossovers, is the falling sedan loyalty. Back in 2012, the rating for loyalty in that segment was 56 percent, declining every year since to 49 percent through the first four months of this year. Currently, it’s below the rating for the SUVs/crossovers and the average industry rating.

What’s even more interesting, two-thirds of sedan owners that returned to the market for a new vehicle bought an SUV or a crossover instead of a three-box car. Even so, the sedan is still a popular segment and is not facing the faith of vans and wagons classes.

"While loyalty in sedans has gone down, sedans aren't going away," Libby told Automotive News. "Sedans still play a significant part in the market, and that's not going away anytime soon."

Consumer Automotive Loyalty Rates by Body Style, 2012-2017
      2012     2013     2014     2015     2016     April 2017 CYTD
TOTAL SPORT UTILITY     52.9     53.7     57.0     60.9     63.4     66.2














PICKUPS     42.5     44.3     45.1     48.2     49.6     50.9
SEDAN     56.2     56.1     54.4     52.3     50.7     48.6
TOTAL VAN     29.0     29.9     29.4     31.9     33.6     31.8
HATCHBACK     27.2     27.6     26.3     25.8     25.2     27.1
COUPE     19.3     19     20.4     22     21.9     21.6
CONVERTIBLE     18.3     18.4     17.9     18.8     18.8     21

Source: IHS Markit

Note: 2017 represents January – April 2017 personal new vehicle registrations, the most recent data available.

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Source: IHS Markit via Automotive News

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