Driver Ken Block and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek show off some moves in a rally car, matched by a miniature version.

Rally driver Ken Block, founder of DC Shoes, looks to have had a fun time messing around with pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek.  With Block behind the wheel of his rally-ready Impreza, and Dyrdek riding in his mini-kart model of the STi, the two messed around on a tarmac as the cameras rolled.

The clip is part of Block's Gymkhana video series.  The kart was especially built for this series, and is a scale replica of the STi that Block pilots.  Also built specifically for the shoot is the FIA-certified fireproof suit that Dyrdek wears, also a match to that used by Block.

All told, it makes for a fun three minutes, with the best parts being the near-miss between the two vehicles at two minutes in, and the collision a little later on.