New supercar will be lighter and smaller and won't feature as much power or as high a top speed as the celebrated F1 McLaren.

Gordon Murray, the McLaren F1 designer, has announced he plans to create a successor to the celebrated model.

In an interview with Car Magazine, Murray said, "I will do one more supercar - but it'll be a new breed. The way supercars are done right now, they've got no future at all."

Murray said that the car would not feature as much power or as high a top speed as its predecessor. It will also be lighter and smaller. His intention is to build a car that is more engineering handywork than raw power.

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The new F1 will be based on the P8 design that Murray was developing for McLaren when the project was cancelled and Murray left to form his own Gordon Murray Design studio. Gordon Murray Design has since been developing the Type 25 city car - a mini car reported to be smaller than a Smart ForTwo.

Details are few on the new supercar, other than that Murray has said he does not want to try to out-do the F1, even if McLaren still hopes to create a successor to it based on its P11 design now known as the MP4-12C.

Murray is skeptical of the new P11. "It's bound to disappoint. There's no point in trying to outdo the F1," he is quoted in the Car Magazine story.