It's the first production car in the world to have this setup.

Automakers are racking their brains to come up with new features in an attempt to lure in more and more customers. While some are actually useful, others are just gimmicks used mainly out of curiosity only in the first few days after taking delivery of the car and then never again. Nissan’s new JukeCam is somewhere in-between, as some – especially outdoorsy people - will find it quite handy while others will say it’s just a gizmo added to the Juke’s equipment list.

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It should be mentioned the funky subcompact crossover is not the first car in the world to come with a built-in dashcam. For example, the latest Citroën C3 has one as well and it’s called “ConnectedCAM.” But the one in the Juke is better as Nissan brags it’s the world’s first 360-degree, 4K-compatible dashcam to be installed in a production car. It serves a dual purpose as it can be detached and used as an action camera. Think GoPro.

The JukeCam wasn’t developed solely by Nissan as the Japanese marque teamed up with 360fly, which has an expertise in making 360-degree cameras. To make sure the new device would make the headlines and get more exposure, a video was shot with the camera to capture a new Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Cars Jumped Over on a Pogo Stick. That’s a highly specific record if you ask us. Stunt performer Dalton Smith part of the extreme pogo team suitably called “Xpogo” jumped over three Jukes in a row, with just one bounce between them.

The videos are not just about the record as these are also showcasing the new Juke Envy special edition for the U.K. market. Carrying a rather questionable name, the version starts off as a Juke in the N-Connecta trim and adds some styling packs, black 18-inch alloy wheels, and a few tweaks inside. It can be had with either a 115-hp gasoline engine or a 110-hp diesel. Pricing kicks off at £19,045 (about $24,700).

The Juke is far from being the new kid around the B-segment crossover block as it was launched way back in 2010. Since then, Nissan has sold almost 800,000 units and 133,000 of them were specified with the four-camera Intelligent Around View Monitor. Nissan has done the basic math and says the Juke has been fitted with a total of 532,000 cameras since its inception.

An all-new Juke is expected to arrive at some point in 2018.

Source: Nissan

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