It’s safe to say Mercedes has a lot on its plate right now. Between putting the finishing touches on the X-Class and G-Class, preparing the next CLS and the four-door AMG GT, it’s also working on the new A-Class family set to have more members than ever. Besides the usual body styles, the lineup will be expanded to include the A-Class Sedan that will basically act as a cheaper alternative to the CLA. A “mini G-Class” GLB is also on the agenda if we were to rely on the rumor mill.


Seen here is the model that will lead the way for the new A-Class family, the five-door hatchback. Set to be introduced at some point in 2018, Mercedes’ smallest car will herald the MFA2 platform bringing improvements on all fronts compared to the compact vehicles available today carrying the three-pointed star badge.

2018 Mercedes A-Class render
Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

Multiple spy shots and teasers have shown the A-Class hatchback will be slightly bigger, while the Concept A Sedan has provided a preview of what to expect in terms of the exterior design. Naturally, this week’s speculative render of the hatch from / Motor1 Italy takes that concept and shortens the rear. The recessed door handles have been replaced by conventional ones, while the slender mirrors had to make way for bigger units more suitable for a production model.

At the front, the Panamericana grille is still there, only this time it’s flanked by a pair of less glitzy headlights. The bumper has also gone through some changes, though these are on a rather subtle level.

Not only will the exterior be subjected to some pretty important modifications, but the interior is also going to be significantly refreshed. Mercedes never showed the interior of the concept, deciding to black out all of the windows in order to keep prying eyes from taking a peek inside the cabin. We’re not sure what to make of that, but maybe it wasn’t ready back then or the company simply did not want to provide a glance at how the A-Class’ interior will evolve.

2019 Mercedes A-Class spy photo
2019 Mercedes A-Class teaser

Either way, we’re expecting more tech onboard, including a digital dashboard as seen in a recent batch of spy shots. The prototype we are talking about had a dual set of displays, but these were smaller than what the E- and S-Class models feature. This new arrangement will surely come as good news for those who are not too fond of the current tablet-style infotainment system.

The A-Class hatchback will be followed by the other members of the family in due course and there also might be a long-wheelbase derivative of the sedan, but it might end up as a China-only affair where rear legroom continues to be all the rage.


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