Promises to be more than just a tuxedo-wearing Nissan Navara / Renault Alaskan.

If the Volkswagen Amarok is not fancy enough for you, the first-ever Mercedes X-Class should fulfill all of your needs. But that will obviously come at a price, one that will surely be significantly higher than the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan upon which the posh hauler will be based. The workhorse carrying the three-pointed star badge was spotted recently by our shutterbug while conducting a series of final tests in sunny Spain.


Mercedes has already set a date for the X-Class’ big debut: July 18 at 1:10 PM ET. It will be livestreamed for anyone with an Internet connection to see how the namesake concept shown last year has evolved to become a production model. The spy shots we have together with the teaser video released earlier this month seem to indicate the road-going pickup truck won’t stray away too far from the showcar unveiled in Paris.

Compared to its more humble siblings, the X-Class is expected to distance itself the most on the inside where there will be more upmarket leather, softer plastics, and likely extra tech. Additional customization options are on the agenda to make the pickup truck worthy of its premium badge and price tag.

In regards to the oily bits, buyers will get to pick from an array of four-cylinder engines like most models in this class, but there’s also going to be a beefier 3.0-liter V6. Diesels, of course. The cheaper versions are expected to feature a two-wheel-drive layout whereas the more expensive ones will get the 4Matic setup tailored to the X-Class.

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Numbers are of utmost importance whenever talking about a pickup truck, so here they are: the aforementioned V6-powered, AWD concept was able to haul 2,430 pounds (1.1 metric tons) in its bed and tow as much as 7,720 pounds (3.5 metric tons). That should prove to be enough for those shopping in the niche of luxury pickups.

While pickups are a big thing in the United States, Mercedes has already said the X-Class is not U.S.-bound, at least not for the time being. The German ute won’t actually be made by Mercedes as Renault and Nissan will handle assembly in Argentina and Spain, respectively.

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