The mysterious newcomer draws serious inspiration from Greek mythology.

Among all the fanfare surrounding Le Mans last month, a new prototype supercar quietly made its debut. Say hello to Boreas, an edgy new machine from a young startup called DSD Design & Motorsport. The car and company hail from Spain, while the name hails from Greek mythology. Boreas was the Greek god of the North Wind who was known for being strong, having a temper, and fathering 12 colts after taking the form of a stallion. Hey, it’s Greek mythology. Don’t ask too many questions.

The man behind the car and the company is David Sancho Domingo. According to an announcement from the upstart, the project was 10 years in the making with help from numerous partnerships to create a hypercar that has “godlike strength, lightning speed, and a volatile temper.” We understand the first two bits, but we’re not entirely on-board with the temper bit.


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As for the other attributes, the company hasn’t yet released details on engine, transmission, suspension, or any components for that matter. The car has a targeted top speed of 236 miles per hour, with a sub 3-second time to hit 60 mph. To achieve that, the Boreas will have a hybrid powertrain with over 1,000 horsepower driving all four wheels through a seven-speed transmission. The car will also be able to operate solely on electric power for 62 miles, turning just the front wheels.

Going by the photos, the Boreas offers up plenty of carbon fiber in its crisp shape. Wheels are 20-inch up front, 21-inch in the back, and while we aren’t too keen on the neon green calipers and other accents, the side wing things that we presume are mirrors of some kind are rather interesting. Overall it makes for a striking package, though in the ultra-exclusive world of hypercars it doesn’t necessarily have any stand-out features.

2018 Boreas
2018 Boreas

Sticking to the mythology behind the name, DSD Design & Motorsport will create just 12 cars that are “individually designed yet related.” We aren’t exactly sure if that means there will be 12 distinct models, or just 12 variants of the Boreas. The company announcement goes on to say that each will have equal performance but “individual characters.” For that matter, after citing volatile temper as an attribute to the mysterious hypercar, the upstart also says each model will be perfectly usable as a daily driver. Sounds like there are still quite a few details to sort out.

DSD Design & Motorsport hopes to begin production on the Boreas in December, provided the car doesn't turn into a horse by then.

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