It was all downhill for the soapbox racer, but in a good way.

The best kept secret in Gaydon wasn’t the Valkyrie hypercar - it was the AMR-SB. Petite enough to make the Cygnet look as big as a long-wheelbase Lincoln Navigator, the Aston Martin Racing Soap Box is the most exclusive race car ever made by the British marque as only one exists. It was developed specifically to take part in the 2017 Red Bull Soapbox Race at Alexandra Palace last weekend and managed to claim an applauding second place in front of a strong 20,000-people audience.

Now, we get to see how the race car completed the run following what was “an extensive ten-minute testing program” as described by AM. Inspired by the Le Mans-winning V8 Vantage GTE and in the hands of Alex Summers, Aston Martin Prototype Engineer, the pint-sized car scored 28 points out of a total of 40 in the creativity competition. It fared better in the performance section by achieving a maximum 40 points.

Aston Martin soapbox car
Aston Martin soapbox car

As the on-board footage below shows, the AMR-SB is not the most comfortable Aston Martin as the ride is a little bit rough because of the stiff suspension. It’s also quite flimsy as the rear wing had a mind of its own and decided to catapult itself after the car’s impact with the road following some impressive air time. In total, there were four landings, and in all cases the tiny gravity-powered race car nosedived into the tarmac.

With a top speed of 29 mph (46 kph) achieved during the run, it is way slower than the Cygnet, but at least it’s a true Aston Martin and not a luxed-up Toyota iQ.

One of the highlights was represented by the perfect pit stop thanks to none other than Le Mans-winning drivers Darren Turner and Jonny Adam. Wheel guns, champagne bottles, and confetti provided a cheerful mélange to the delight of the gathered crowd.

Source: Aston Martin

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