Toyota has 350Z clear in its sights, this much is true. Now new renderings of the proposed slayer, Supra, maybe Celica, have been published and they look proper! Over 350 bhp is speculated.

BestCar magazine has provided a rendering of what may become the 2010 version of Toyota’s Supra. Three years ago a Japanese Toyota executive working on foreign assignment confirmed to us that indeed Toyota had investigated the Nissan 350Z thoroughly and decided it was time to offer a Toyota alternative. What is currently unknown is whether this alternative is the Supra itself or the next Celica, though Celica would be more than likely since Toyota probably does not want to canibalise potential buyers of the new Lexus LF-A.

Likely to be powered by one or three engines, 3.7 V6, a smaller turbo (courtesy of new Toyota-Subaru alliance) and a hybrid, the Supra/ Celica rendered here has been numbered at between 350 and 400 bhp (260kW – 298kW). This would make sense since the LF-A is a 500 bhp machine. Now, if only they would make the darn thing and stop showing us all its concepts! Meanwhile, how about turning that Toyota FT-HS into this Supra/ Celica thing?

New Toyota Supra Renderings