Up to 450 voice commands are available in 22 languages.

A premium model such as the E-Class doesn’t need to go through a mid-cycle refresh to gain new technology as Mercedes is polishing the posh midsize sedan regularly. The latest update focuses on the voice control, or as the German automaker likes to call it, the Linguatronic. Taking an “evolutionary leap forward,” the system can be used not just for fiddling with the entertainment system, but also with the vehicle functions. That’s a first for the E.

That means the driver will be able to use voice control to change the settings of the air conditioning, as well as for the various lighting and comfort functions. He or she can also activate the rear window heater via voice input. Not only that, but Linguatronic is now smart enough to understand commands for showing the speed limit, the car’s range, and also when the next service is due.

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Depending on the E-Class’ level of equipment and the language, there are up to 450 voice commands and Mercedes has doubled the amount of available languages to an impressive 22. The Linguatronic stores not just the correct voice control commands, but also several hundred alternatives similar to the right ones. That way, there’s a big chance the car will understand the command from the very beginning.

Upon pressing the push-to-talk button, the display will show a few commands that you might want to use. Selecting the right command can be done quicker now as the driver will have the possibility to interrupt the car’s voice output in order to move to the next dialogue step. That should prove to be quite handy if you’re in a hurry. Mercedes points out the Linguatronic won’t react to a command with the same answer as from now on it will provide three to four similar sentences as a way to make it feel more human-like.

Elsewhere, the E-Class now boasts audible feedback from the touch buttons on the steering wheel, along with a more evolved ambient lighting system featuring 64 colors, three color zones, 10 color schemes, and a dynamic mode that will change hues. Moreover, rear passengers have two USB charging ports while closing the trunk can now be done by a “gentle push” on the lid. Rounding off novelties are two open-pore wood finishes, Nappa leather in beige/yacht blue, and a more affordable version of the 12.3-inch media display for those who don’t want to fork out the premium that comes with the Comand Online.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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