Could this image, labelled Citroën Nouveau C3 be the next exciting installment in the new Citroën saga? Plenty of speculation has begun as to what exactly this thing is.

Citroën may have more aces up its sleeves after this image appeared on Facebook with the title "Nouveau C3". The word "nouveau" you'll recall means cutting edge or stylishly different or up to date or fashionable. With the all-new C3 already launched less than three months ago it appears the subject is something quite different.

Naturally some questions are being asked about it. Is it a new 3-door C3? This may seem plausible given that the current model has three versions including a 3-door and a Pluriel (cabriolet). But the silhouette appears to show something longer. The more upmarket DS3 official images are out, therefore this is not it.

So far a three-door DS3 has been shown and the assumption is that it is MINI Hatch rival. Could this then be a MINI Clubman competitor? It sure looks long enough and we can make out the B pillar in the middle meaning two doors on each side. A suggestion on the Facebook page reckons it's the car based on the C-Cactus concept of 2007 which was a 5-door.

Another possibility is the DS4 that was said to be following the DS3. A DS4 would make more sense if the next-generation C4 on which it is to be based was already announced. Then maybe this is the C4 in discussion. The car looks very sporty with massive wheels, very wide wheel arches and a rear end that seems to step out. All that suggests something quite performance-oriented. So much speculation, so little time.