Remember Marussia? The Russian sports car company was founded in 2007 with a bit of financial help from the Formula 1 racing team with the same name. In its short history, the marque delivered two sharp offerings: the B1 and B2. Both cars came equipped with a Cosworth-tuned V6 developing north of 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts), and a price tag of over $130,000.

Unfortunately the company folded in 2014, just seven years after it was introduced. Only a few thousand cars were built in that short time, but in hopes of bringing the oft forgotten small supercar maker back to life, one Russian designer has come up with a rendering that begs the question: could Marussia make a comeback? We'll let you be the judge.

Gallery: Marussia B3 Concept

Maxim Shershenev
, a design student based in Moscow, has digitally imaged an all-new Marussia. Acting as a successor to the B1 and B2, it bears the obvious B3 moniker. The concept borrows many of the same sharp cues found on the B1 and B2 before it, including the front fascia, the headlights, and the side profile.

Triangular LED headlight fixtures that mold almost seamlessly into the agape grille, and a low-sloping hood gives the concept a pretty menacing appearance. The rest of the body follows a similar angular route, with the engine located in the rear, and matching v-shaped LED taillights to mimic the fixtures located on the front fascia. 

Like the B1 and B2 before it, the B3 would expectedly benefit from a similar Cosworth-tuned V6. In this application it would likely produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 hp (372 kW). Sadly, this concept has no chance of ever seeing the production line, but we can dream...

Source: Maxim Shershnev / Behance

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